File with Bluetooth paired devices?

Guys, what is the configuration file storing paired Bluetooth devices?

I’ll need to reflash the phone, but for some reasons I would like to avoid having to re-pair it then with my car kit.

Is there a file containing the paired devices data that I could just copy?

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Backing up /var/lib/bluetooth might work, but I have not tested that, so no guarantee…


OK, thanks! I’ll try it and report here about the results :grinning:

you have following directory structure

you should not mess up with that - rather use the interface bluetoothctl

I’ve gzip’ed the whole structure. I’ll restore it after I reflash the OS and see what happens.

OK, so after reflash I’ve restored the gziped content of /var/lib/bluetooth and all my previously paired devices appeared as paired and are working OK.

So this is a very easy way to backup Bluetooth pairings.