File browser missing in the basic jolla apps

it will be great to have a file browser app where you dont need to download it from jolla store

What’s wrong with choosing one from the store?

cause it is a important app to have , so why not having it in the principals app of the sourse

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There is a basic file browser.
Go to Settings - > Storage - > click on partition circle -> from pulley menu ‘file manager’


To call this stub a basic file browser is, let’s say, "a bit " exaggerated! Isn’t it?

Better is really to use the file browser from store or even -way- better the one file-browser-beta from ichthyosaurus on OpenRepos

and he also has it tweaked to have su rights!
(which I do see as security hole but hey, it is your phone …)

And the OP is right this is missing in the system since 2013!

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But hey, it is your phone… So by default Sailfish is pretty bare, and it is up to the user to choose what to install. File browser (proper one) is not included in the small set Jolla offers, but neither is huge bunch of other stuff you find from Android phones (and cannot even uninstall if you don’t want them). And very few of the apps from Jolla are mandatory. Your phone, you decide.
The file browser from the store is pretty good (imho) and if there is a better one available, use that. One can argue should the file browser be in Jolla’s initial offering, maybe, but as one (or several) are available, it does not matter much.


Oh, it does.
See app Defender, it crashes encrypted SFOS devices to not boot. (abandonded, no fix!)
See aliendalvic control, it crashed aliendalvik to not start. (luckily fixed)
Lots of other apps needs re-compilatuon against changed system libs on upgrades

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There’s that. But in a way you are pushing the maintenance responsibility from application developers to Sailfish developers. Lazy devs don’t maintain their application in timely manner so better to have Jolla to take care of this. That said, I do understand your concern and maybe a bit bigger set of core applications should be provided by Jolla.
Likely a matter of resources on Jolla’s side.
I don’t know enough of the application development cycle, perhaps it is too hard to have CI which is activated whenever dependencies change, and push the updated artifact (application) to store.


It is just that it needs to be done.
Maybe trigger compile and push to store/openrwpos is enough.
Maybe needs some adaption/time.
Maybe dev has just abandonded…

He did write basic not decent, so yes, you can browse your files.

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This is true for an inserted SD card, yes.
But what about your ~ directory?
User data (only opens the mimed app) or system data (no access at all)

What it is good for is a quick glance upon the used flash capacity…

It would certainly be user-friendlier if this “app” was available as an app icon.


@lkraav - You can add an icon to launcher for sailfish-filemanager with the following command;

devel-su pkcon install sailfish-filemanager

The sailfish-filemanager is already installed to the OS, all we are doing is adding the launcher icon by executing the code above.



is asking me for the password when trying to install the code. where can I create that password?

that will be the password you use for Developer Mode.

If you haven’t yet set a password for Developer Mode, head to Settings/Developer tools, check ‘Remote connection’ and enter a password of your choice into the box underneath.

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thanks for Edz . Done. But still I think that it should just be install when u open for the first time sailfish.

I’m afraid what you might expect is rarely what you get with Sailfish, which is why it should still and probably always be considered as ‘unlike’ any other OS.

Jolla absolutely loves FORM over FUNCTION, which as we know, simply doesn’t suit everyone, but hey, this is why we have Terminal and that’s one of the major appeals to me personally, being able to change what you don’t like, which I do all the time.


In case of userdata navigate to userdata, peek and choose filemanager.

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Thank you!

Since when is this feature there?
How inconsistent is this now in contrast to system data?
I would never ever expect any user (me included here! :slight_smile: ) to find this.

Okay, I correct my answer above and say: a rudimentary file browser for user data is there.
Nevertheless I do prefer harbour-file-browser-beta (and before that one filecase)

You’re right. I found this feature by accident. I don’t know in which OS version.

I for myself use CargoDock and sometimes file browser (beta). I love the two windows filemanager and the possibility to intgrate cloud storage in CargoDock.