File Browser 2.5.1 - Please add two window view as an option

@ichthyosaurus Thank’s again for the essential File Browser app!

Idea to improve functionality: Please add an option for two window mode in ‘Midnight Commander’ style for move, copy and link files to another directory.


File browser is a seriously great application, but there is already a file manager doing what you want, it’s cargo dock

You can find it on openrepos…

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Cargo Dock seems to be very limited, or did I overlook something?

Installed right now, but:

Local files in home dir shows only documents, downloads, music, videos, pictures and camera and hides the rest.

Displayed available services are only WebDav, Telekom Mediencenter, Owncloud and Dropbox. How can I add a local sftp server in my home LAN or on my webserver or elsewhere in the Internet?

How can I see everything in home dir, read only access system files and see everything like on File Browser?

Very obviously a SailJail issue. Disable that. It makes little sense for a file browser application.


Yep, disable sailjail…

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I did so, and it works. Thank you @nephros and @247 !

edit: yes, Cargo dock has now access to all files, but it has too little functions and is very unclear, or it simply doesn’t work on Volla. Will test later on Xperia 10 for curiosity.

What I really want is something like termscp, but operateable with buttons and not keyboard. The touchkeyboard needs so much area on the screen that the app is practically unusable. With external BT keyboard it’s fantastic!

edit: operating termscp from the computer via ssh on a big screen is more fantastic!

Currently implemented:
There is actually already a way to achieve what you want. You can select multiple files, then tap on the “shuffle” symbol which brings you to the “transfer” page. There, you can select one or multiple targets (or add custom paths). Finally, you can either link, copy, or move the selected files to these targets.

If you find yourself frequently moving files to certain folders, then you can simply add bookmarks for these folders and use the transfer page to move the files.

This approach is very powerful but still has some caveats: it doesn’t work with the file clipboard yet, and it is not as intuitive as opening two folders in two windows and moving files between them.

Something along these lines has been planned for a long time. I just haven’t found the best solution yet. I am actually currently working on implementing the foundation for whichever solution I finally choose. You can follow the (slow) development here: GitHub - ichthyosaurus/harbour-file-browser: A native file browser to view files on Sailfish phones. .

Either: it is already possible to open additional instances/windows of File Browser but they each have their own file clipboard. I am searching for a way to synchronise the file clipboard between windows, so that you can easily move files between windows. (This becomes even more useful if you enable the quick switching gesture.)

Or: alternative to or in addition to the above I want to implement “tabs”, so that you can open multiple folders at the same time in the same window. (This is actually harder to implement than the option above.)