File Browser 2.5.1 - Please add sftp connection

@ichthyosaurus Thank you so much for the essential File Browser app!

It would be great if we could have an option to connect to sftp server and have an option for remote volume in the right menu where folders, mass storage and bookmarks are. So we could access any NAS or cloud storage with File Browser or even upload web content to a webpage.


Good idea but in the meantime you can use also this attemp like i did for great success:

[Guide] Mount Nextcloud (WebDAV) folders locally with davfs - General - Sailfish OS Forum

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That’s indeed a good idea but it will likely be a long time until I can implement that. It’s a whole new can of worms to tackle networking etc. In the meantime, davfs was already mentioned, and you can also use syncing solutions to sync remote folders to the phone. (That would require free storage space, of course.)

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Thank you @ichthyosaurus and @fingus !

So I will try to install the WebDAV thing and hope that i can mount my OwnCloud and NextCloud volumes in the Volla’s and Xperia 10’s file system and have the content available if network connection is up and running. But I want nothing to be copied on the phones poor memory except some single files I manually copy on the phone. For me that’s one of the main purposes of a netdrive, beside others, e.g. team working…

My private ‘NAS’ in the home LAN is a simple thing. I use a dedidated Xperia 10 (the ‘Gateway’ phone) as main internet gateway with VPN and Tethering/Mobile access point. So I want to use this phones SD-card as local NAS ‘by the way’. That’s my aim. To access this, currently I need sftp, or is it possible to install a WebDAV server on a Xperia 10? If yes, i could try to get familiar with existing solutions for accessing WebDAV and the File Browser + sftp problem would be resolved by a bookmark to the mountpoint.

edit: I followed the steps 1-8 and on Xperia 10 i could successfully establish a connection to a Nextcloud account. List, copy from server and copy to server works fine! In File Browser I made bookmarks for the mountpoints and so I’m happy now!

Remaining question is only, will this also work on the Volla, (because of 64 bit)?

Edit: it worked only short time, now if I mount as devel-su it still works fine, but works no more as defaultuser. id command still shows membership in 1009(mount) group for defaultuser.

now as defaultuser it reports:

defaultuser@Xperia10-DualSIM .davfs2]$ mount /home/defaultuser/mnt/cloud
/sbin/mount.davfs:/home/defaultuser/.davfs2/davfs2.conf:22: unbekannte Option
[defaultuser@Xperia10-DualSIM .davfs2]$ 

This occured after i proceeded to step 9 and wanted to store the authentication information at the end of the ‘~/.davfs2/secrets’ file. (meanwhile removed)

What does the error message mean? How can I fix it again?

Fix it like me:

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