Few simple questions for a rookie

Sailfish is fantastic.

Q1 But I have not figured out if in order to change my sim card for example when I travel can I just

A) Activate it by putting it in any android phone and load all the vouchers on the account etc?
B) It has to be the same exact device and since it now has Sailfish on it I would have to re-install Android?

Q2 Would CCleaner work with Sailfish? Is such thing even beneficial?


I don’t think CCleaner would help you much on Sailfish, although you may want to clean out your camera folders and similar at some point. But then you probably want to use a Sailfish specific app.

Activating the SIM card depends a bit on your provider. All of mine worked fine on Sailfish + a web interface. If yours require an Android app, you might need to activate it on an Android phone, but imo it should be fine to then transfer the SIM to Sailfish after activating it on a different device. But take that with a grain of salt.