Fernschreiber WARNING when Update from to - how to refresh the check?

sombody a Idea what I can do.
Had fernschreiber installed, run the Download of the Update to
then got Waring that Fernscreiber can have issues when Update.

I DeInstalled the APP and reboot the Device.
But the Update Process Tool warn again.

How to refresh the check in the Update Tool ?


I ignored the warning after I had duly deinstalled the objected packages (including Fernschreiber). Like you, I got the warning even after deinstallation. So I checked that the packages were removed (I checked with pkcon).

Update went fine despite the persisting warning.

So you might ignore the warnings after having deinstalled the packages.

thanks JoOppen

I DeInstalled the ofono-alien-binder-plugin did make big problems…
(so no fernschreiber and ofono-alien-binder-plugin)

now the list is “endless” long what packages should be removed…

so I decied to flash the complete image to the device…

Software binaries for AOSP Oreo (Android 8.1) – Kernel 4.4 – Nile (latest)
from https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/downloads/software-binaries/

now have to install the apps and restore the backup etc.

Installing a binary other than this *kernel-3.10_v13_loire-1 is a risk. Jolla has not tested Sailfish OS for Xperia X with any more recent binaries.

After deinstalling the packages in the initial warning, I rebooted the XA2 and thereafter, I also got an endless list with packages that should be removed (similar to a previous update). I just ignored this endless list (then and now) without having problems afterwárds

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thanks jovirkku

but the install script wants this android image…

Same here. I was warned to deinstall some apps. Did so, got an endless list, ignored it and updated flawlessly to 4.3.