Fernschreiber - Help a moron please!

I previously used to use Fernschreiber and had to reset my phone recently and when trying to reinstall from the Jolla store I’m just getting stuck on “Please enter code that you received” as I dont appear to receive one after adding in my moby number.

Any advice as this is one of my most used apps (im on SFOS

Thanks in advance!

The code is sent through Telegram to all your registered devices, not as SMS to your phone. Use an app or web.telegram.org

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thanks, I have tried that and now stuck in some kind of loop!

All I did was uninstall Fernschreiber as part of a SFOS upgrade and now I cant seem to reinstall as the code is going to a device that is already registered?!

Please help lol!

  1. find a device that runs Android or IOS or has Android support

  2. if it isn’t yours, ask for permission to install an app

  3. if Telegram is already in use, install Telegram X instead (not available on Apple devices)

  4. start the app, choose the SMS option (on Telegram X choose Didn’t get code)

  5. register Fernschreiber

  6. if you used someone else’s phone, uninstall Telegram (X)

  7. read about Telegram’s multi-seat capabilities and start using them



Many thanks for the above suggestion. I tried this but when it I try entering the code sent by SMS on the Sailfish device, it tells me “Phone code invalid”.

Feel like im running in circles, really wished i hadnt uninstalled it as its my go to app and now cant get it back onto the XA2


I wasn’t being quite clear: the SMS code is for the new Telegram installation. When you start to register Fernschreiber, a new code is sent to Telegram, and you use that code to finish the Fernschreiber registration.

To see how it works, go to web.telegram.org

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After a zillion attempts I seemed to have got logged back in!