Feature request: sound notification when cancelling the call on headset

Implement notification when user is ending up a call using wired headset.
Some wired headsets contains a button, which in case of SFOS hang up the call. The problem is that because of HD Voice, I don’t know if I actually did cancel the call or the other side stays silent and still hear what I’m saying.
So it’s mandatory to get some audio notification that the call actually has ended. Off course this is needed only when using accessory most probably wired one.

I’m not sure I understand exactly, and some of what you say sounds like a bug…

You mean the presence of such a button causes the hang-up? Or pressing it while it is ringing? Or pressing it after picking up the call?

oh I’m sorry. It seems I used some mind shortcut. Let me try to clarify.
So I usually use wired headset to make a phone calls. This headset has a physical button.
This button on SFOS works in the following way:

  • when pressed during a phone call, it disconnects
  • when pressed during dialing, it cancels the dial
  • when pressed during on the home screen it does nothing (sadly)
  • when pressed on locked screen, it does nothing
  • when pressed during music playback, it play/pause

Now what I’d like is that for the first and second option, there should be audible tone in the headset that the action has been triggered. So in that case, dialing cancelled or call disconnected.
Right now there’s just silence, nothing. For the dialing I can hear that the phone is not dialing anymore of course but if somehow in that time second side will pick up I don’t know what happened. if it really disconnects or if someone is just listening.

This is very basic functionality which if I remember correctly, all my previous and current phones has expect of SFOS.

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