[feature request] Save SIM card's PIN if encryption is enabled

SIM card PIN is important if you don’t want somebody to take your sim card out of your (lost) phone and use it in other phone (e.g. restore access to online/banking accounts tied to your phone number [stupidity of this practice is the whole another question]).

When encryption-enabled SFOS is booted it asks:

  1. LUKS pin
  2. SIM card pin.

SFOS should have an option to “save” SIM card PIN and input it automatically on boot after LUKS unlock, so the user is not bothered by it and also have benefits of having SIM card PIN code installed.


No, vote against. SIM is SIM and device is device.

Yes, the SIM and device are different entities, but that shouldn’t hinder them for interacting with each other. I think storing SIM PIN on an encrypted device is a good solution, that simplifies things a lot, without much sacrifice.