Feature Request for Browser: open new tab in the background

When I use the “open in new tab” function for links in the Sailfish browser, the new tab opens immediately. This does not correspond to the behaviour in probably all desktop browsers and also Android browsers that I know of, in which the tab is opened in the background and the current page remains open. Opening tabs in the background has a big advantage if you use the function as a “read later” feature. I often open links in new tabs (e.g. on a news page) in order to read them afterwards, but I want to finish reading the text / overview page first. In the Sailfish browser, I then have to switch back to the previous tab first, which is a bit annoying.

I can imagine that there are different views on this topic and that some people like the current behaviour. But then it would be at least great to have an option to adjust that behaviour in the settings.


I also have requests:
the possibility to choose a search bar on top instead of below, like in Fennec.
A dark mode.

Then please do post each idea as a separate request for better visibility to the public.

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I think there should be both options in list(Open in new tab and Open in new background tab)