Faster handling of callers when on hold?

I realize that there is a system-wide remorse timer that can be swiped away when we delete items, etc. However, when I am on a call with someone, then someone else calls in and I tell the first person, “Hold on just a second so I can tell this client I will call them right back.”

I then put the first caller on hold, take second call. Tell client I’ll call them right back, then try to hurry and go back to the first call. I have to wait the remorse timer’s time for it to tell me “Call ended” before I can finally use the pulley to Resume Call with the first person who is on hold.

What’s really frustrating is when I’m handling this at a red light. The light turns green and now I’m trying to get back to the first caller while driving and not accidentally Add A Call or whatever the other options are.

Is there a way to change the timing of such notifications and actions while in a call that does not affect the rest of the operating system?

You can swipe the remorse timer (in the direction of the countdown) to accept it and make it go away.