Fastboot General Commands

What would be ‘functioning’ fastboot commands I can utilize on phone that is already flashed with SailfishOS?

For an example, I am trying to get the IMEI number via fastboot command on Sony Xperia II, and the terminal errors out:

user@PC:~$ sudo fastboot getvar imei
getvar:imei                                        FAILED (remote: 'GetVar Variable Not found')
Finished. Total time: 0.002s

Yet, I can get a command, only one command working:

user@PC:~$ sudo fastboot devices
QV725PUB3A      fastboot

The command is erring / erroring out because it is flashed with SailfishOS, or there is no relation? And how would I be able to utilize more of fastboot commands with the phone?

If there is more documentation about fastboot commands or so, to indulge on, within Sailfish documentation, I will be more than happy studying them.

Thank you

Have you tried?

sudo fastboot getvar all

It works on my XAplus flashed with
And indeed, there is no var named ‘imei’.

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