FakeStore microG Store (in F-Droid): update to 0.2.0 or stay on 0.1.0?

Hi, in F-Droid the update is shown to 0.2.0.
Did someone install this new version?

  • What are the advantages?
  • Is it recommended updating to 0.2.0?


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Fakestore 0.2.0 is the one that works for me. With 0.1.0 apps nag about missing Play Services.

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I would recommend v2.27 which fixes some serious issues, or even 2.28 which works great on my X10III.

Hi, to clear things:

  • in F-Droid of my phone “microG Services Core” is installed v.
  • in F-Droid of my phone “FakeStore microG Store” is installed v. 0.1.0 → here I’ll try to update to 0.2.0

Between having installed proper Google Services and MicroG ecosystem, what’s better according to you?

It is recommended to update :wink:

Well imo, if you want to preserve your integrety in some what, microG is the way to go. If that doesn’t matter to you, google services is the lacy way.


If you don’t need appsupport up at all times (like chat availability to have FB’s whatsapp or other spy app constantly on) opengapps seem worthwhile, I only start the spy network when I need it, so <1% uptime, then again if your apps needs microG talking about integrity is probably already a bit of a stretch


That’s MicroG. The question was about Fakestore.

No, original topic was about microG.

microG Store (in F-Droid): update to 0.2.0 or stay on 0.1.0?

Changing topic half way true thread is kind of unfair, or negligible.

I would suggest to take a look at the attached screenshot. What does it imply? Also versions 0.2.0 and 0.1.0 are about Fakestore. Just to inform you.

I’m not the one who is changing topic. But i don’t think it was “unfair” or that you did it intentionally. Just plain human error, that’s all.

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