Failed to open contacts database

Hello, this is my first post in this forum and I’m not sure if this is the right threat for this question:

I accidentally deleted the contact database, restored it and now there’s now way to make the people app work again.
Opening the contacts app from terminal with verbose shows the following errors:
Unknown:28 - file:///usr/share/jolla-contacts/contacts.qml:28:5: QML DBusAdaptor: Failed to register service com.jolla.contacts.ui
Unknown:0 "Failed to open contacts database: out of memory error opening database
Unknown:0 “Unable to open asynchronous engine database connection”
Unknown:0 Creation of org.nenmomobile.contacts.sqlite engine failed
CommHistoryDatabase::open:306 - Openedcommhistory database: "home"defaultuser/.local/share/commhistory/commhistory.db
Unknown: 0 Starting favrites query at 145ms

Uninstalling the app with pkcon is imposible:
devel-su pkcon remove jolla-contacts shows:
This request crash your system (I’m translating it from german).

I don’t know how can I restore the contacts app, any idea how to proceed please?

Update I reinstalled jolla-contacts with devel-su pkcon install --allow-reinstall jolla-contacts, restarted the phone and the problem persist.
The contacts app starts but it is blank, the terminal keeps throwing the errors written above.

How did you restore it, and which permissions are there on the database file and its parent directories?

Hi, I accidentally deleted the database when copying it to the VoIP app “S1p” which does not have access to contact because of sailfish security. After making a mistake and deleting the source file the contact app was not working so I copied it again from the s1p folder but it never worked again.

I though I was making something wrong with the commands to reinstall the contact app but it seems that nothing worked and I lost the patience and decided to reinstall a clean sailfish and start from zero.

Without the contact app the phone is very much useless to me as it is crucial to make calls and I could not wait for a solution.

You can`t expect two different applications to read the same database, the better way is to export the data to a common standard known by both, and then import the data.

Note: I do not know if there is an import function in S1p.

Use this to export your contacts:

devel-su -p vcardconverter --export contacts.vcf
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ah thanks, no there is no import yet, the app is still in an early phase. Thanks, I will try that to export the contacts to s1p.