Extract Jolla 1 Factory images for cloning


May be a simple question, may be an extremely hard question, but I felt I’d ask.

I have a Jolla 1, working perfectly, all nice and well. I have another Jolla 1 which shows a message “permanently locked”, and I have not been able to reach recovery mode on this device for the life of me. If I have understood correctly, it is possible that the firmware is that old, that there just is no recovery yet.

This phone has an unlocked bootloader.

As far as I have been able to find, there are no factory images available, with dead links everywhere and people mentioning Qualcomms copyrighted code.

My question is: Are there fastboot flashable firmware anywhere, or is there a simple guide for “building my own” since I have never done this before?

Or is there a guide on how I could extract a factory image from my working one and flash it to my dead one? Is it even possible?

Thank you for your help.


AFAIK, Jolla phone’s bootloader is locked, and there are no images made available to flash

I think this is what you are after:

Coderus is still very active around here, perhaps add your questions to the other thread if you cannot get something working,
Good luck

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without accessing recovery you can’t do anything. without unlocking bootloader before incident you can’t flash unsigned firmware images.


Thanks for the replies. When I boot the locked Jolla in fastboot mode, it does indeed say “unlocked” so that leads me to believe the bootloader was unlocked before. Or does it mean something else?

I also read somewhere that you could just unlock the bootloader whenever willy nilly if the firmware was old enough.

I’ll check out the guide and see if I understand enough of it to create something.

As I said, I have two Jollas. One locked, and one perfectly fine, unlocked.

Since back in the day someone shared something which should have worked on any device, but supposedly then was deemed illegal, because of Qualcomm, I was just thinking how I could with my unlocked one recreate this “universal” flashable file to unlock/fix my locked one.