Extended set of Emojis in jolla keyboard

From Sailfish 4, I witness still no sign of a larger selection of emojis implemented by jolla in the official keyboard…
And okboard itself is a blocker for the update (jolla specifically asks to uninstall it in the Koli upgrade notes), therefore hard to recommand to non cautious tech users…

Can we wish for a full extented set of official emojis in the jolla keyboard?


Yes please, I second this.

The ‘Emoji+ Keyboard’ from OpenRepos still works fine and isn’t an update blocker, although it isn’t 100% up to date anymore. Additionally, @ichthyosaurus also recently made a patch to add the entire set of emojis to Jolla’s emoji keyboard. However, I agree that it should really be done by Jolla so people don’t have to install third party keyboards or patches to type more than just a basic smiley face.

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My patch adding full emoji support to the stock keyboard is available here: Patch: Stock emoji keyboard with colors | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System and in the web catalog.

I totally agree but proper emoji support would require an update to the ancient Qt stack (because Qt 5.6 doesn’t support color fonts) – and I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime, I’m working on a emoji system for Whisperfish that will be usable almost without configuration by other apps too.

There are some hints at at least improved emoji support for the keyboard in the SFOS 4 code though. So let’s see what the future brings ;).


Is your patch compatible with the Xperia 10 II?

I would think so, yes, but I can’t test it myself.

For me it fails to install due to missing dependency to patchmanager, which is not available (yet?).

the same here. Pinephone with

Oh no, that’s unfortunate! You could apply it manually but that means changing the actual files which is a bit dangerous…

Hi @ichthyosaurus and @diegoc , from what I tried on my Xperia 10 ii, by downloading the 24/04 rpm version I got the “Installation Problem” message.

How can I help you @ichthyosaurus to update the app for the 10 ii users ? (logs or else)

If Patchmanager isn’t available yet then there’s not much we can do, I’m afraid :(. Maybe there’s a way to help the author of Patchmanager… (I’m also planning to accept donations on Liberapay for a new device and SFOS license so I can safely test stuff without possibly bricking my main phone. I’ll first have to find out if and how this is being taxed, though.)

Other than that, you could try applying the patch manually. You can fetch the diff here:

…and see if you can apply it. But this is a bit dangerous, and I don’t want to be responsible if your keyboard is broken afterwards ;).

If you want to be safe (a little safer at least), you can also fetch the sailfish-patch tool:

…and the emoji keyboard patch config (full patch):

Then run sailfish-patch -i CONFIG unified_diff.patch to build a working directory for this patch. It will create a git repo, fetch all required sources, and apply to patch to the files it downloaded to “patched/” (original files are in “original/”).

If this step succeeds, then it’s safe to apply the patch manually on your device. If it fails, the tool will tell you how to proceed to fix it.

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