Export SMS, phone history and contacts to Android device?

Long time user here (since Jolla 1) and, sadly, I’m going to switch to Android. Looking for a tip to move my SMS history, phone calls history (are those two even possible?) and contacts (that should be easy).

I know there will be questions, so here it is, a little backgroud story: I was very happy with Jolla 1 (as a side note - before I got Jolla 1 I used Nokia E52 for about 5 years that somewhere in the middle of it’s life it falled from the 2nd floor on hard surface and still worked almost 2 years). I think I used my Jolla like 4 to 5 years as a daily driver (mostly messages, email and phone calls - it still works, the battery is in good shape!). The gestures, I loved it from the first touch. The raw “square” shape <3 Never had any major issues with it. (here’s some d!ck contest) Got 30+ days uptime with my normal usage and it “just worked”.
Next there was XA2 that I still use (again about 4 or 5 years now) and there started some annoying issues: GPS (tried almost every trick, it is unusable), bluetooth (disconnected car audio and never made a succesfull reconnect and then it got even worse with some latest updates - had to restart the device or bluetooth via utilities, often multiple times), mute (after a restart the device is muted - phone calls are mute, have to restart again and check and often again and again), browser (almost unusable, forgot that it even exists), backup (crashes - not sure about the backup logic, but it should “just work” with an empty SD card with tons of free space, but it just gives nonusefull error), battery drain (from some latest updates seems to come and go - sometimes eats 1% of battery in 5 to 10 minutes, so I need to keep an eye on the battery level, for the first time in ~15 years…).
Got Xperia 10 III - I need to admit, didnt bother about too much to read about real device support, reflashed and slam fingerprint issues, mute issues, only one working camera.
Is there some roadmap for those and other issues?
Well, it seem that I just have enough… and I’m not happy about this, but that’s real life - I need a device that works, not a half broken toy.

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Probably it works like the other way around. There is a script to convert SFOS sms dump into android xml file, that you then can import this with a tool like backup & restore. Unfortunately i am not expert enough to run the script. I would like to import old messages from my Android phone before, but i did not suceed :frowning: , sad that this is that complicated, and that there isn’t something like a migration tool…

For SMS I used an Android App which was able to import SMS messages from files/archive. It didn’t look completely trustworthy, so did it without a network connection and deleted the App afterwards. You just need to export the data from the Sailfish OS database to the expected format yourself.

Contacts: The Sailfish OS Backup contains a .vcf file with all contacts. That’s a standardized format, you’ll find a way to import it :slight_smile: