Execute terminal command from .desktop file

I have a command I want to run in terminal inside a .desktop file with attached icon but I cant seem to get it to work (added %U at the end as I saw in a few other threads). How would I go about doing that?

Something like this?

[Desktop Entry]
Name=SSH MyBox
Exec=invoker --type=generic -s sh -c "literm -e 'ssh nephros@'"

In your case the exec line would probably be invoker --type=generic -s sh -c "/usr/bin/env CUSTOM_UA='...' sailfish-browser"


Sounds reasonable.
I always go the simple way via executing my command via another console program like toeterm or karin-console (not fingerterm as I use that daily and keep it open, which will then not work)
Exec=karin-console -e /usr/share/harbour-file-browser-root-beta/start-root.sh
That way you can even input data.

Thanks so much. I had come across invoker in my searching and tried it (as well as the normal desktop way of Terminal=true) but didn’t really find much in the way of documentation… although that was around 2am when I posted this, so that could be a huge part of it.

Aside from the invoker comments, I also appreciate the syntax you provided with the " ’ ’ " and your comment about privoxy. It is good to know there are other possible solutions.

I am grateful to finally be done with this, it works and looks nice.

BTW @peterleinchen of N900 fMMS fame? I find it amusing that I had MMS issues on the N900, and now have/had them on Sailfish. I just cant quit linux on a phone though.

Thanks for the flowers (a German acronym) :slight_smile: