Events View not pulling 6-day forecast

Hi All,
I wondered if anyone could help me with a little snag.
When I started running SFOS 4.5.019 (fresh install) on Xperia 10 III, the events view has a really useful 6-day forecast.
Recently, it’s been replaced by a spinning wheel.
The 6-day view is available in the Weather app just fine.

The problem is still there on WLAN and cellular connections.
I changed locations in the weather app, rebooted the phone, had the events view refresh the weather data by pressing and holding down on that area of it etc.
I couldn’t seem to clear it.

I wondered if anyone had any tips on it.

Thank in advance,

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Hi, Sorry,
Redundant topic here,
I found an idea in one of the bug reports, from a user that knows more about SFOS than I do, (which is nothing), to clear the package cache out from [ Settings > Utilities ].
That didn’t bring me forward, but the more related “reset home screen” option fixed the issue.

I really like this OS.

Yeah, I just had it hang on an Xperia 10iii just like you describe. Reboot worked as well.