EU-Roaming - Roaming just in some countries

What I’d like to see:

an additional option to either enable just EU-Roaming or to select sime countries in which roaming should be enabled

How is the current situation:

Roaming is either on or off for all foreign countries.


  • You are traveling abroad near the borders of an EU-country and a Non-EU-country and have the usual eu fair use policy in your contract.
  • Don’t want to pay the (very) high prices for data link in the non eu country.
  • I now preselected a specific network operator, but that’s kind of workaround and not a real solution. Because SFOS could select another provider if traveling further.

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I would vote for this! It’s a problem on iPhones as well.

The “free roaming in EU” has been extended by another 13 years, so this is an issue that will be with us for some time!


A blacklist of providers the phone shall not connect with, would be fine. So some non EU or too expensive networks could be excluded from roaming.

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Yes! This feature will be incredible useful.

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this is similar to what I was asking here:


I’m sorry. Of course I searched but obviously I was not able ti find your feature request.

No need to say sorry :slight_smile: I only linked it here so we can know about this. As you can see right now there’ are 11 peoples that would like to see these features :slight_smile:

Another vote for this – not only for out-of-country roaming, but it’d also be useful when providers share networks (I’m with a smaller provider, which has an agreement with a bigger national provider to use their network, and I can use either; using the bigger provider’s network doesn’t count as roaming when billing).

I’d also love to see this feature, so count me as another vote for it.

Out of curiosity: is this possible on iOS or android?

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No, this feature does not exists in android. Someone mentioned, that it doesn’t exist in iOS as well.
But why shouldn’t SFOS be some steps a head? :wink: