Esim on Xperia 10 iii (and other SFOS devices)

Just wanted to let others know that cards work nicely with SFOS - few months ago I migrated back to SFOS from Android and I was using an esim there and I wanted to find some sophisticated solution instead of having my esim changed for boring old sim.

You will need an Android device to load your esim profile to the sim but after that you can use it in your SFOS device no problem.

I ordered the OMNI 15 because back then the wording was a little bit ambiguous and I was worried that I could only use it in the Android phone I configured it in, but now it seems they cleared it up by stating “Manage on a single device, USE on ANY device with a SIM card slot” so it seems you might go for the cheapest option (though it seems they purposely lock up the possibility of using multiple cards unless you buy the OMNI variant so if you plan on using 2 of their cards you still need the OMNI).