Error reading cygwin process status

I have this non-stopping error when building from Qt Creator, so basically executing using the SDK make wrapper. When directly using sfdk make, instead, everything goes well, without errors/warnings.

08:27:57: Starting: "/home/samuel/.config/SailfishSDK/libsfdk/build-target-tools/Sailfish OS Build Engine/SailfishOS-" 
+ /home/samuel/SailfishOS/libexec/qtcreator/../../bin/sfdk -c target=SailfishOS- make

sfdk: [W] Error reading cygwin process status: /bin/cat: /proc/4193/stat: No such file or directory

sfdk: [W] Error gerring session leader process start time
sfdk: [W] Error retrieving process information. Session management is not possible.

Investigating a bit the SDK make wrapper (/home/samuel/.config/SailfishSDK/libsfdk/build-target-tools/Sailfish OS Build Engine/SailfishOS- I assume the problem should be on merssh executable, or some missing argument that could fix the error…

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