Enjoy the small boat, i saw a need to go for a bigger one

I was a rather happy Sailfish OS user for about 4 years. Started off with a not officially supported Z5 compact, just because of the form factor. The few android apps i needed at some point stopped working, or the SSL/TLS request they needed to make. So next was a 10 II. Happily used that for a while but it degraded massively from there.

Sailfish OS has been fun and good quality. Plus a really good upcycling option of older devices. But it seems to seriously lack behind recent development. No 5G, no consistenly working VoLTE while providers are shutting down <4G and just so many random crashes (memory issues?). I tried hard to stay on board. But buying a 10 III just to hope “for the better”, while the company lacks funding and throws around AI bu…it and still does not open up core features as true OSS. Well … i now have a google pixel 8 with grapheneos. Let us see how that goes, so far i am pretty happy but also a bit sad that jolla or jollyboys or whatever its called these days seems to be “not up for the job” any longer and is holding on to assets that the community could maybe maintain better.

I already jumped on the liveboat because that ship is going down. Will stick around but more as a hobby and not daily driver anymore.


I came from N900 days, later N9. With a bit of Linage and BlackBerry inbetween. So i know how to suffer and like doing it for the cause. Please bring something to make me come back! I would spend 300+ EUR on a Sailfish on modern HW with Android support that deals with recent changes in that space. But here i am having spend 700 EUR on HW and nothing on so called OSS, if the promise of 7 years support holds … might be hard to get me back.

I can follow your story and feel with you.
Actually, I get upset with missing functionality or bugs often enough that I also consider to permanently switch to /e/OS.
When I got an 10iii with SFOS, I flashed /e/OS on my old XA2. Though I still use the 10iii as my daily driver, I’m impressed how much smooth /e/OS runs on the XA2, much better than previous SFOS.

If the upcoming Sauna release won’t bring significant improvements, it’s probably time for me to follow your path.


I don’t see any reason to switch from a pure Linux based OS like SailfishOS to an Android (AOSP) derivate like /e/OS, LineageOS or GrapheneOS even though I have tried them all. I do also like the „privacy” and „sustainability” point using these AOSP derivates but one crucial app they are missing, namely SystemDataScope by Rinigus and there are many only SailfishOS apps that I would heavily miss if I ever would have a need to switch to some other De-Googled mobile OS. I’m sorry but the SailfishOS community is still more active and powerful than others. My background is also from the mighty Nokia N900 / N9 and N950 times and pure Linux vs. Android is a different world if growing up with a real Terminal in the hand. However, I’m still happy to flash for friends and relatives /e/OS, LineageOS or GrapheneOS if they feel good with the Android looking user interface.

My big concern would be also to protect my battery from overcharging in the AOSP’s. Is there a way to make charging to stop at a certain threshold level e.g. 80 or 90% as I haven’t been able to find this option?

I’m still wanting to try UbuntuTouch but don’t have funding for a Volla X23 with this other pure Linux OS. Nevertheless, I use SailfishOS on the Xperia 10 III and Xperia 10 plus as my daily drivers.

By the way there are great differences separating those AOSP OSS from pure Linux mobile OSS from the figure I recently made (cp. http://doi.org/10.1002/sd.2995)


I almost could have written the same. I started using Sailfish with XA2. Everything was fine for some time except navigation. GPG just was not good enough
Thus, flashed XA2 with /e/OS and rooted it to enable charge control. Now it is permanently connected to charger and charge level stays in 80…85%
Bought 10 ii and navigation was again possible for a while but degraded badly and at the end I had to reboot every time I wanted to start or stop navigation using native apps only.
4 months ago I bought a Motorola phone with 12 GB RAM and bigger screen and now I use Android. If there was a device with Sailfish, lots of RAM, wider screen and support for a few Android applications I need I would gladly buy one and Sail again.

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Just a thought: if you want to try Ubuntu Touch, there are more affordable options available than a brand-new Volla. Check the UBPorts website compatibility list – a number of well-supported devices are available second-hand. And the installer has gotten quite user friendly. And, and, if you don’t like it, the used device could be re-liquidated on $your_favorite_auction_site to cut your losses.


Did someone try PinePhone - it is rather expensive hardware and I wonder if it is worth it - especially if android emulator can be installed on it.

As for Jolla I mentioned several times that IMO the problem isn they are using the enthusiasts - user base - to attract more investors, but they are not delivering any quality. Compared to N9 things are worse. You remember the story when they released the Harmattan 1.1 and it was so buggy that Nokia told them to fix the bugs or they would be fired … well they fixed the bugs in Harmattan 1.2 and were fired. Very sad story, but the point is they can fix bugs, if they want to. And they are fixing many over the years. I guess the problem might be the complexity of testing and variety of use cases.

Anyway I was looking at PinePhone recently and wondering if the Android emulator would be working on it.