"Encrypting user data, please wait"

1 out of 1 tries
the current one from the download page
Xperia 10 III
I think I chose English UK


I flashed the phone yesterday in the late evening following the installation guide. IIRC the only thing it for asked was language, after that the encryption message showed up “Encrypting user data, please wait”. With short press of the power button one can disable the screen, so wait I did… today in the morning the message is still there! Suprisingly the phone did not discharge either.
What should I do? just restart the phone, or should I reflash it?


  1. get the new Xperia 10 III (the hardest part)
  2. flash it with SFOS following the installation guide
  3. boot it up

I rebooted the phone and it asks “Enter security code” …but I never chose any. Back to flashing

The very same has just happened to me on newly bought X-10-III. Stuck on the “Encrypting user data” screen, after reboot asking for security code while none was ever entered.

Reflashing. Let’s see if it helps.

After reflashing everything went OK, i.e. the “Encrypting user data” view disappeared after a few seconds and I was normally asked to enter a new security code.

P.S. In both cases, after flashing I had to exit the fastboot mode using fastboot reboot.

on a second try (after flashing again) the problem went away for me too

Can I ask you to complete your bug report? I have no idea what the latest version is that you have installed.