Enable systemd-coredump

Systemd-coredump is very helpful for bugreporting. Having the coredumps catched for a certain time and get auto-rotated with the journal is very convenient. I think it also in Jolla’s own interest to have bug reports about crashes with coredumps attached. Currently it is disabled at build time, so it should be easy to change.

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I’d also like to have core dumps available - as an opt-in feature, of course. Having it as a switch in developer settings would be the ultimate conveniece solution, but just being able to enable the service in terminal would be plenty enough!

I don’t think this should be something optional only when you’re in developer mode. People which are not in developer mode should still be able to attach coredumps to their bug reports. Every Desktop Linux distribution handles it that way. Additionally, making this feature opt-in would require jolla to distribute 2 versions of systemd, it’s a build time option, not a runtime one.

There is crash reporter tools which is integrated to sailfishos, see following repos:


Out of curiosity. Why we need a separate tool instead of using the journal/coredump?.

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Because at the time it was done systemd-coredump didn’t exist :smile: If one would do similar now likely it would use something like systemd-coredump as the base. To be noted though that there is quite a bit in the crashreporter in addition to just coredumping.

Thanks. I think its time for jolla to update to a newer systemd. Leaving crash stuff aside it brings a nice way to encrypt stuff and portable homes which will make it far more easier to backup, move to different phones etc.

All these areas are a bit meh in SFOS.

Updating systemd is not a simple task and takes man months to have it all tested and verified and still after months you find more issues as it affects basically to the whole system. Also while it brings nice enablers for features, those still need additional integration on the top to make those enduser friendly :slight_smile:

We are at 283 currently (GitHub - sailfishos/systemd) and last time we did the update we didn’t go to the latest as there was some blocking issues, but can’t recall at the moment which those were as it is quite long time ago. But for sure if we would consider the latest and greatest systemd (to which we would need to go step by step to make the tasks small enough) that would for sure mean issues with devices that have older kernels systemd/README at main · systemd/systemd · GitHub