Enable dark theme

Are there any plans to enable dark theme on this site? It seems that the Discourse-platform should have dark theme bundled in by default.


Second this please, my eyes are burning

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I would prefere ambience colors and background. But also dark would be an improvement.


Please let it also be automatic, like other sites!

Badly needed. On Firefox I can force dark theme, but on the crappy SFOS browser, not so easily.

Michael Use Webcat, I’m sure it has a dark mode built into it; it’s also a better browser overall.

I think these are the instructions?

I can’t fint it under my settings, someone was able to?

First: this setting is meant for site administration purpose/decision, not for the user to activate afaiu.
Second: SFOS does not have a ‘dark mode’.

And, yes WebCat has a dark mode and https://try.discourse.org works for WebCat as well as Fennec/Firefox in dark mode.
(whereas in case of WebCat you also need the QtWebKit libraries of leszek from his openrepos repository!

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