Email stopped fetching mails

How to troubleshoot? Definitely used to work in the past. Now it just shows ‘Updating’ for infinity

is that a POP, IMAP, Office365 or Google account?
If you have access to the server, what does the logs tell you? can you see connections attempts from your SFOS device?

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I have had this issue for years across multiple releases, but only with the Exchange synchronisation plugin. I believe it is something to do with the app losing connectivity to the internet, usually when the connection changes from Wifi to mobile data or vice versa, even if its only a momentary dropout. The only way I can solve it when its happened is a reboot, which is a pain because it can happen several times a day. I can prevent it from happening by switching of mobile data when thete is Wifi connectivity and switching off wifi when there is mobike connectivity, but that also is a pain.

Delete the account and set it up new. This helped for me.

just a google account, nothing special

thanks, will try. (stupid forum, needs 20 chars, lol)