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Would be nice to be able to save an attachment instead of only being able to open it. For example, I often set out a hiking route on my laptop, then email myself a .gpx for opening on my phone. When I tap the .gpx attachment in the email app, I get the choice to open it, but only two applications are shown: notes and documents.

I want to save the .gpx so I can open it with pure maps. I now have to start the android k9 mail app to be able to save the attachment.


Open an e-mail, tap on the attachment icon or name above the mail, then it loads down and opens if possible. It is now downloaded. You can find the file in nemo/Downloads/mail_attachments/“some subdirectories with numbers”, using filebrowser. Images also appear in the Gallery under “Photos”.

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Thanks, that is a work-around of sorts indeed, and I am going to use that. My feature request still is valid though, a more user-friendly location may be preferred.

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Yes, absolutely valid.
This request is open since at least 2014, see e.g.

Searching via file browser is tedious, so fire up terminal and do

find /home/nemo/Downloads/mail_attachments/ -name


browser has a search field too


I am sure you meant file browser, right? :wink:
Yes, but it is not default delivery or part of SFOS. I was trying to give example how Jolla must think we have to access those downloaded files (and I like cli :wink: ).
Furthermore afaik file browser is not maintained anymore. So I can recommend using [strike]@ychthiosaurus[/strike] @ichthyosaurus file browser fork on openrepos!

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Unneccesarily the mail client creates some strange subdirectories for each mail and/or month or date. Removal of these subdirectories and only store all attachments direct in the mail attachment folder would imho be completely enough. Watching this mail attachment folder with some “filebrowser” sorting reverse by date (newest above, older down), would do the thing.

Cannot find @ychthiosaurus on Openrepos!

edit: found ichthyosaurus - 10/05/2020 - 20:57 - 10 comments
(little different spelling) … now going to test :slight_smile: edit: wow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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(off topic: we’re in the process of moving maintainership and updating File Browser in Jolla store.)


but this is only for searching in the Internet.