Email attachment download slower than snailmail

Fragmented sqlite… Would that affect other apps too (than the accounts app)?

Well many many jolla components use sqlite dbs. In theory any of them could suffer from fragmentation, but it takes many updates and deletions for fragmentation to occur in the first place.

So things like synced calendar or email would be potential candidates, accounts or contacts not so much.

Ok but that would then not be affected by the account renewal…so its unlikely for it to be a fragmentation problem (as the issue got fixed by renewing the account login / creds)

Which one is the right db for the accounts? Is there a way to force fragmentation?

Did you delete the account or just re-enter credentials?

My theory is that deletion “cleans out” the db and therefore makes the issue go away (or less pronounced).

Yes, i delete & recreated.
but id assume that the accounts db is more reads than writes…creds updates are not so common… Also, how does ios or android solve this ssue? They never happen to suffer from the same symptom…

I seem to have the situation again.
How to know which services to stop,
to try to fix the auth db?

Well my theory (actually not more than a hunch) revolves around the message store, so

lsof /home/nemo/.qmf/database/*
messagese 14917 nemo  mem-r  REG  253,2    32768 1062959 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db-shm
messagese 14917 nemo   19ur  REG  253,2  9814016 1049653 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db
messagese 14917 nemo   20u   REG  253,2   131872 1048606 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db-wal
messagese 14917 nemo   30ur  REG  253,2    32768 1062959 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db-shm
jolla-ema 30268 nemo  mem-r  REG  253,2    32768 1062959 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db-shm
jolla-ema 30268 nemo   33ur  REG  253,2  9814016 1049653 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db
jolla-ema 30268 nemo   34u   REG  253,2   131872 1048606 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db-wal
jolla-ema 30268 nemo   35ur  REG  253,2    32768 1062959 /home/nemo/.qmf/database/qmailstore.db-shm

So the service would be messageserver5, and any jolla-email processes.

I’d take a backup like this:

$ sqlite3 -readonly .qmf/database/qmailstore.db
SQLite version 3.37.2 2022-01-06 13:25:41
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
sqlite> vacuum into '/home/nemo/qmailstore.bak.db';
sqlite> ^D

Lsof in qmf returns empty both in defaultuser & devel-su;
btw i have /home/defaultuser, no /home/nemo

Well then nothing is using it currently. I’d still stop messageserver just to make sure.