Email application largely disfunctional, can't access 3rd party services

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):


Go to the Email app, and select an account type (tried GMail, VK and Twitter)

Accept the license agreement

Add an account > select Dropbox, gmail, twitter, facebook…, accept the 3rd party service license

Get an account error: Not successful in creating an account

Can you pick one of those accounts, access the CLI, grab the output of journalctl, create the account and attach the log (minus any private information)?
I have been able to add at least one type of the accounts that you listed successfully, so I’m wondering if there’s anything more basic wrong with your device.

Hm… it seems to be something with a missing plugin…?

Here’s the relevant part of the log:

And a more general log of the phone as well, in case that’s also somehow useful:

Thanks for the post. We are aware of the problem and it is being worked on.