Email app user interface

This is an old one and a personal annoyance to me. The UI of the email app has a different direction than all the other jolla/SFOS apps.
Ie you tap something in the settings, you move to a page right and if you want to go back you swipe LtoR.

In the email app you are presented with your inbox BUT if you want to go to another folder (send,deleted etc) you have to swipe from RtoL.

For the sake of consistency this needs to be fixed.


Interesting observation! I hadn’t thought of it, but I completely agree.
By happy accident my app Tint does it the way you suggest, after a user suggestion to have the app automatically move one page deeper on startup, with the pages already being arranged in that hierarchy.
So starting one page deep is certainly doable, but i recall it being a bit of a hack.

oh yeah! it actually took me months - maybe years to accidentaly find that - in the beginning i thought the email app is really just that barebone

Personally I always expect the right page (or the attached page) as the place to contain more actions/information about the current page, such as filter or search refinement options, extra information (email/document metadata, subreddit sidebar, information about a (group) chat) or navigation within the currently displayed content (for example: an eBook could display a list of chapters, a Wikipedia client could show a table of contents).

I believe the folder list is in the right place. I wouldn’t want to move 2 pages back for selecting another email account and I believe selecting the folder fits the criteria for stuff on the right page above, namely the “filtering content”.

It’s also clearly indicated when you can swipe from right to left with the dot in the upper right corner.


Actually the Email UX is quiet inefficent if you want to organize your mail into folders or delete something. I thought about possibilities to improve the workflow. Here is my proposal:

The subfolders should be listed at the top like the mail accounts in the top layer.
Then you could select one subfolder (or trash) by long pressing and would then be able to move (or delete) mails by swiping to the freed direction where the subfolders used to be.
Unfortunately this would be swiping to the left, I would prefer swiping to the right, but this is already blocked by returning to top layer.

Alternatively, the toggling of a sub folder could start an organize mode, where return to top layer is stopped and instead swiping in one direction is deleting and swiping in the other direction is moving to selected folder. Then an additional UI element would be needed to exit the organize mode, i.e. tapping the selected subfolder again.

I have 5 IMAP mailboxes configured at my SFOS mailclient, so I am happy that NOT all subfolders are visible at the top level.

I strongly request an option to erase some mails immediately, special the junk. It is very long winded on deleting e.g. the junk, to select all in the junk folder, delete it, then change to the trash folder, select all, delete again.

I am very happy with the long tap on mail -> shift to -> choose folder option! This is very useful, thanks Jolla!

But it is to critisize, that the update of the subfolders of an IMAP mailbox works very lazy. I have to look into every single subfolder to make it synchronize and to see the old and the new mails of this folder, despite I have them all selected in the folders-to-sync setup!

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Yeah the navigation in Email app is a bit confusing, and could be improved. Drilling down to a specific email folder plays back-step animation when you tap the folder item, returning back to the main inbox view requires to go forward to the folders page and select the inbox folder. Especially new users get confused, and may not find the inbox page again without restarting the app.

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