[Email app] Set the field 'From:' to any value


The Jolla’s support asked me to post my request here.

The Jolla’s e-mail client permit to have more than one e-mail service and use one of them to reply to a message using the field ‘From:’. In this case, the value of ‘From:’ is the account/e-mail associated to one of the email service.

Roughly the problem is for one e-mail service to use one of the email address/alias created. I use an Microsoft Exchange e-mail service but it is the same thing for some other email services. The functionality is available in Evolution.

I give you my message to the support below.

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In my case there is only 1 messaging service.

My e-mail Exchange service allows me to have other e-mails address associated to the e-mail account used to created the service.

I give you an example,. I have ‘a@domain.org’ as e-mail account to the Microsoft Exchange e-mail service. I can create many other e-mail addresses, like ‘b@domain.org’, ‘c@dormain.org’, ‘d@domain.org’.

The account ‘a@domain.org’ is authorized to send an e-mail with the identity of ‘b@domain.org’ or ‘c@domain.org’, etc. The person that receive the e-mail receives it from ‘b@domain.org’ NOT from ‘a@domain.org’.

With the alone account ‘a@domain.org’ I can read all e-mails, this includes the e-mails of ‘b@domain.org’, ‘c@domain.org’, ‘d@domain.org’. This works perfectly with your proprietary client of messaging service.

The problem with your client messaging service is that I can not change the ‘sender’. All sent messages are sent only by ‘a@domain.org’.

In the screenshot, you could see the field associated to sender changed by the field ‘From’.

You can make the same thing with Thunderbird. When I click on the field of ‘From’ a sub-menu proposes ‘Customize the shipping address’. The message displayed by a dialog box is :

If your email provider allows it, customize the shipping address allows you to make a one-time change to your shipping address without having to create a new identity from the accounts settings. For example, if your shipping address is Julius Caesar <jules@example.com> you might want to change it to Julius Caesar <jules+cesar@example.com> or Julius <jules@example.com>

As you can see, this doesn’t use a second account e-mail service. It’s same e-mail account (‘a@domain.org’) is used to use the messaging service. It’s only the contents of the field ‘FROM’ that is modified.

To not be able to change the ‘From’ field limits the usage of the application for me, ONLY usable to read the e-emails. If someone send me an e-mail with something “sales@mydomain.com”, “support@mydomain.com” or “contact@mydomain.com”, etc. If a reply is done, the ‘From:’ field take the value of the e-mail address used to create the e-mail service.

I can’t use the e-mail address used to create the MS Exchange service, that could be something like “qwertyuiop@mydomain.com”. An other risk is that the address “qwertyuiop@mydomain.com” was used to make some attack or spam.


Yes! Usually refered to as “identities”.

Every serious desktop email client allows this.

Has been mentioned here several times: