Echo on during call on loudspeaker (Xperia 10 II)

when doing a call and using the loudspeaker, the other person hears itself as echo. It’s super intense.
Is that an issue with SFOS, or the Sony phone?



Which version of SailfishOS are you using?

I’m running SFOS:

I’m experiencing the same on XA2 Ultra via loudspeaker. Not only the other person, but I can also hear myself as echo, quite intensely. And overall the voice quality is like if it was encoded in 4 bit 8 kHz or something like that.


Yes, same here in 10 II since the beginning. A really showstopper preventing the use as daily driver, if the other person always hears the echo of his own voice.

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Is this bug still present with

yes i confirm. This bug is still present with :frowning:

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as mentioned in the latest community meeting all bug reports should done using the bug report template, with full information included and steps to reproduce, for someone from jolla to take a look and/or convert to their internal bug report system.

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I did a bug report here :slight_smile: Echo during calls

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