Earthquake warning app for Japan

Hi SailFishers,
I live in Japan and after the recent earthquake and new threats for more Im asking the community for help. I wonder if there is any app that could warn for earthquakes that will work with SailfishOS as Im a happy daily driver of this OS on my Xperia1III.
I have tried the most popular android app here called Nerv, I can get notifications to work, but my location wont work as it reqires google play services, which is something id like to avoid.

Any and every advice or information is greatly appreciated!

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You can try installing microg, should provide both play services substitute and even push notifications, yurekuru call seems to work fine on XIII with opengapps

There’s an app called Apocalypse which is for a related purpose.
It only covers Germany at the moment, but maybe it can be expanded to use other services.

Do you know of a good website providing such info for Japan?


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I see, Is it on Open Repos atm?

Sorry, might be a stupid question, but will that also enable more data sent to Google or is it more private using microg?