E-Mail: picture not shown in app

Hi, in special mails with an attached picture, the picture isn’t shown in the native app of SailfishOS.


  • I use a Raspberry Pi with camera to took daily a picture of an aquarium and send it via e-mail.
  • For mailing, the software yagmail is used.
  • Other programs like Thunderbird (on Linux), Fairmail (on Android) show the picture.

On the Raspberry the e-mail are built with following lines:

import os
os.system("raspistill -o bild.jpg  -w 1980 -h 1080 ")

import yagmail
receiver = ('ADRESS') 
body = ["Hallo,\n ein aktuelles Bild vom Aquarium in Bio R114.\n Wasserstände o.k.?"]
filename = "bild.jpg"

yag = yagmail.SMTP("foo@gmail.com","PASSWORD") 

Now I wonder if this special coding prevents the app “E-Mail” to show the picture?
A typical mail is attached (view of Thunderbrid):

Just a hunch/guess…go to Settings and swipe right for Apps, tap Email and select Download images automatically.

This is already enabled.

So what does it look like then?
Images that are merely attached should not be shown, but allowed to be downloaded and opened in gallery.

Screenshot on Xperia 10 III: