E-mail autoconfig via SRV record

when user add a new email account that not are provided by a big vendor should inseret imap and smtp servers by hand… but there are e way described by some RFCs to guess sever address,

please consider to discover via SRV records begin with:


see RFC 6186, 8314, 8553 and others

Alessandro Lota

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I’m not sure a lot of providers use SRV records TBH

this is not the point; ISP (like me) starting use xml file for autoconfig thunderbird (not standard), but already now Outlook app read SRV record (see my test attached where I insert only email and password to configure account)

app should starting read SRV as described in RFC and ISP they will have a chance to do their part


$ dig +short SRV _imaps._tcp.gmail.com
5 0 993 imap.gmail.com.

dig +short SRV _pop3s._tcp.gmail.com
20 0 995 pop.gmail.com.

dig +short SRV _submission._tcp.gmail.com
5 0 587 smtp.gmail.com.


I have proposed it back in '17 with some (very rough) estimates of percentage of domains using various autoconfiguration methods (~20% of domains hardcoded at the time in sailfish email client had some kind of autoconf, for SRV method it was ~11%) on TJC: https://together.jolla.com/question/172436/mail-client-autoconfiguration/

It would make great user experience, ease the burden of (ultimately futile) maintaining of hardcoded providers list, and be Just The Right Thing.

thanks @briest for to agree, we hope now is the right time for to do this also for SailfishOS E-mail client :wink:


For those of us that just run automx2 it’s irrelevant which version is implemented, as long if is any of the common ones.