Duplicate music album in mediaplayer

Please be aware, i do not underestimate your work (yours or jolla one), in fact i do love it

But i’m a sailfish user till almost the early days and the default music player still has the same exact problems

To give you an example, some time ago i had the bad idea to use ogg for my lossy collection, with embedded art, cause i do not like having picture files around in music folders, still, on sailfish 4.5 media player is unable to display covers from ogg files

I have different albums from different years with different titles and tags, still the same cover is displayed in certain occasions, and wasn’t able to figure why

I can’t have splits because they might have a / or - in the title, and they wont show at all (ok this has been solved luckily, and it’s just waiting for a release)

And of course the same exact bug mentioned on here, that had caused me lot of headaches to figure out why a record was doubled

One thing i can tell you anyway is that i know is not your fault, rather than a tracker one

Gnome-music on desktop uses tracker too, and guess what is full of problems devs have (imho) hard times solving them

I do anyway hope media player will get some love cause is still my default, and has lot of positives, for example the wonderful and easy to use interface :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’ll file a bug report upstream. One folder, all files in folder have same album tag, obviously one album. Date tags have nothing to do with it. A CD with two versions of the same one, one mastered later and remixed would show up as a different album. That’s a bug. EDIT, not to mention, date of a track may be completely different than year of release. I just checked some of my releases. I dutifully recorded the date the tracks were recorded for each track on some old techno releases. Release date of a collection would obscure information.

Some people I know organize their music library in completely different ways. For example by theme, or by favorite status. My guess is the tracker is functionally ‘dumb’ because people don’t always organize per album.
Still, the example you gave is easily isolated and could probably be implemented.

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Did you read the comments below the upstream bug report for this? It won’t hurt to retry, but I guess it won’t help.

Which upstream bug report are you refering to? This one? And which comments specifically?

One developer said “it is not so much a tracker issue, it is a tagging issue” which is what I said here weeks ago.

Exactly. And i didnt get the impression that they will implement workarounds to fix tagging issues

It is not a tagging issue when all tags are consistent but some, like date, are missing. The idea was to disambiguate files with the same album tag but different dates. But that was a poorly thought out idea. Programmers always get into trouble when they think about time. I do.

I’ve also decided not to file a bug report since it’ll end up in endless discussions that I don’t have time for. It’s annoying, but in the end, I’ll just make my own player. That’ll be faster (EDIT, because I’ll steal all of @cypherpunks code :slight_smile:

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Wow. This is getting ridiculous. I downloaded an album (bandcamp) which shows up in mediaplayer as an album PER TRACK. 12 Albums for 12 tracks. Amazing. I just realized that @olf has put some time into flowplayer, so maybe I should help with that. As it is, the mediaplayer is becoming difficult to use.

If you want to have a good laugh

I love a band called American Football, they done an ep and three records and each of them is just called “American Football”. Fans just have rebranded them as ep/lp1/lp2/lp3/lp1 deluxe and so on but as told you, they are all called american football and two of them also have the same exact cover, so they are just differentiated by release year

Well guess what, exclude the usual cover bug, but the default media player is the only one able to show them right as every other player just shows them on a single record of 40 songs

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That looks neat :slight_smile: This is irritating as, hmm.

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That’s really irritating, and that’s what we would solve by using the albumartist tag rather than the artist one

Seems anyway we will have this in next update, so cross your fingers

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