Dumb question - what do people use to watch videos on a SFOS device?

This is perhaps a surprising question, as i’ve been using SFOS on an XA2 Plus since January 2019, and also have two other SFOS devices. But I don’t watch video files on my phone.

The “media” app seems to only work with Music files, and has no navigation tool to point it at the \video folder.
The third party “File browser” app is the only native thing I have found that works. It plays videos, but has no media navigation controls, so if the phone locks you have to start from the beginning again.

The question is interesting because I use my old Xperia X as an occasional child travel device, and using the “File Browser” app to play videos is frankly a subpar experience.

What do you guys do?

LLs vPlayer from OpenRepos/Storeman.
But it does also throw all videos in a big pot.

It’s also possible to navigate to some location in your file system using File Browser and start a video from there. But only one by one.


What about the default Gallery app?

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might we anticipate a video player app on the official app store - or even provided as a default by Jolla themselves?

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default gallery app, and VLC (via AD unfortunately)


I use sailfish gallery app usually but recently my parents asked me to use “zoom” feature during video watching: I used the web browser to open videos when I need zoom feature ( write file:// in the address bar)


This is a good question.

It would be nice to have a player that plays every format. LLs vPlayer is a nice one, but it also fails on certain H.264 encoded files. (Maybe it’s related to this: Can't play h264 video with yuvj422p pixel format) I haven’t had time to take a closer look at this.

Sometimes when i’m away from home, i like to spend some time watching a movie or so. My workaround is to re-encode video files. Another solution is to use Jellyfin server at home. Both available clients, native Sailfin ja Android Jellyfin have worked so far. Except on a train, where 4G is so flakey it’s mostly unusable.