Dual-boot Sailfish Xperia 10 dual SIM

Since there are no plans for Bluetooth on Android, not even remote ones, I’d like to dual-boot my phone. Keep Sailfish for regular usage and start Android when I need Bluetooth. I’ve heard about solutions such as MultiROM but I don’t know if my device is supported and in any case I haven’t found precise instructions for this model. Can anyone help?


I’m not sure, but I have the same device and am starting to want to do this as well…

as i know on official sailfish devices is no dualboot possible. if you need bluetooth for android - you need another phone. i have additional one for that

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Can we do an unofficial build and still use official stuff?

Some guys were successful with using Aliendalvik package from the official jolla device on their inofficial ports, but its a lottery…

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I think when I reset this device I will move the defaultuser to my SD card… Then expand / to about 10-12GB