Dual apps in SailfishOS?

Does anyone know how to activate dual applications ?

What is a dual application?

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There is no such feature, so I guess the answer is: you don’t :wink:

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@panfila ~ If you mean running one application with two instances, you can launch your app the normal way (from launcher) then open terminal and launch your app there as well, for example, if your app is called harbour-coolapp, then type just that into terminal and hit enter; now you have two instances of the same app running.

In the image below, you are looking at one application running 4 times. My app has 4 pages, so each cover is showing each page. This is possible by opening a New Window in terminal and running another instance. Each cover is functional at this point.


I didn’t have the example of running the same application twice on my own. I give an example I want my viber because I have two numbers, but to be active on both so I have to run twice the same application (cloned) in Android is called Dual apps or Split apps. I also found such applications that copy Viber, but apparently it doesn’t work on this platform because it opens the same application for me, not the cloned one.

example - How To Use the Same App Twice on Android 2022 | dual apps android - YouTube
example - How to Create DUAL Apps On Android | Use Multiple Account On Any Phone - YouTube

I’ll repeat my answer from another similar question:

It is not something you ‘activate’ on SFOS, each app must support and implement such behaviour.

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Okey but please tell me how to do it that i mean the command or step by step :slight_smile:


Please (re-)read all the answers in this thread.
Your request clearly shows you have not grokked what we are trying to tell you.

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I just learned something. I’d never heard if the term grok (grokked) before. I had to use Uncle Google to find out, now I grok what grok means. :slight_smile:

Old-school Sci-Fi for the win!


Okay let’s explain. I try with different apps i have (Email, calendar , viber, gallery and etc.) and nothing happens. Terminal always bring back the answer “not found” and i don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

Did you try ‘jolla-calendar &’ in terminal? App names usually start with ‘harbour’, ‘jolla’ or ‘sailfish’. And if you don’t add &, the terminal waits for the program to end, before you can start new ones.

see :slight_smile:

Ok, let’s try and clarify a few things here about running/opening apps from terminal;

Apps that come from Jolla are named with Jolla as a prefix, like jolla-contacts, so in terminal you would type jolla-contacts and hit enter. Some Jolla apps have the sailfish prefix, like the native browser, so that would be sailfish-browser, hit enter.

Apps that come from openrepos/other places, do not have a general prefix, some devs use openrepos but this is irregular. To discover what the executional name of the app, we should look in /usr/share/applications and look at what comes after Exec=. For example, I have an app called Mission control and in this case, i only need to type mission-control, hit enter and the app starts.

Now, with Android apps, like Viber, it pays to take yet another look into the .desktop file of the app. In my case, I have Whatsapp on my device. To launch Whatsapp, we need to apply in terminal what comes after Exec=, so for me with Whatsapp, it is apkd-launcher com.whatsapp.apk com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.Main, hit enter and Whatsapp opens.

So, long and short, check the .desktop file for each app and write/paste/repeat what comes after the Exec= line of text… a little long-winded but it works.


OMG, to the average phone user, it sounds like rocket science.
Thanks for the helpful information. :muscle:

And thanks for all the fish!

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Maybe its possible to clone apps in the user section , for example on a dualsim u have a second user next to the admin user, maybe possible to install social app for each phone number .
The only downside is needed to switch between accounts to see the notifications?
ps i did not try this yet, maybe someone knows it works or can confirm.
Have a nice weekend ahead sailors , catch up later.

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Using Fingerterm as an example…

  • make a new file named “ftrm.sh” with the contents being
    dbus-run-session fingerterm & dbus-run-session fingerterm &
    (repeat as many times as you want)
  • copy the file to /usr/bin
  • edit /usr/share/applications/fingerterm.desktop, so the line that says “exec” is
    Exec=sh ftrm.sh

Now, when you tap on the icon, two instances will open…

(‘nohup’ might not be necessary in a desktop file, but that’s how I tested it, and it worked, so…)

(update - tested without ‘nohup’ and works fine… Use ‘nohup’ if running from terminal; not needed for desktop file script)