DTMF code wait and pause

HARDWARE: Xperia 10


Unable to type DTMF wait code from the dialpad




Open the dialpad
try to type wait


nothing happens when holding # for longer time or tripple pressing it


there must be a way to enter DTMF wait code.


Patchmanager: VolumeKeys


Actually, this is something old I asked in 2018
and it’s a basic phone functionality. Tbh it’s even more basic than SMS support.
Pause is there, a little bit cumbersome to type especially on 10 because of it’s touch nuances but it’s there. Wait is still missing.

I think you confused actual with expected result.
Googling for DTMF wait comes up surprisingly short, and several hits mentions just doing a longer pause… It also does not really seem these are codes/tones in DTMF you enter, but features in the respective implementations. I.e. it is not really default functionality left on the table as you seem to imply. (Making this even more clearly a feature-request)

I never read that a ‘pause’ DTMF tone exists in all my life. There is 0-9, *, # and, on some DTMF tone transmitters, A-D. Pause is a feature of the DTMF transmitter, e.g. the telephone, dialing automat or analog modem. There was a ‘pause’ command in the AT codes of ancient analog telephone modems.

It’s a good idea to implement a ‘pause’ command into the addressbook phone number entry. I’m testing just now and find here: Numbers 0-9, a + where the * should be, #, and *p that generates a simple * in the number field, further on, backspace and enter. Thats all. Long pressing any button does nothing.

Is the +/* mess worth a bug report or does this have a higher sense?

I’m using pause commands for a while now.
→ long press “*” on your dialpad
I suggest doing it twice in a row (single pause is ~3sek. and often to short).
In the dialpad it’s displayed as “,”.
In your dialhistory then it’s “p”.

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Got it, thank you @tobset !

Longpress * - edit: in the phonebook app - does nothing, but doubletap * really generates p when entering a number into phonebook. On tapping *p , the appearing * is underlined for 2 seconds. On tapping *p again while it is underlined, it changes to p.

On dialling in the phone app, it’s exactly as you wrote. Long pressing * generates a , (comma) and this will surely be a pause but I didn’t check now…


@Seven.of.nine @tobset @attah no no no, there are two types of this and I know cause I was using it and sometimes still does.
One is just pause which is waiting 3 seconds. Second is wait for user interaction. So example:
this means that: call 222222 wait for user action (some auto dial systems won’t allow you to instantly enter internal number so you need to wait till the hello ends), confirm the invitation is done, then call 32, wait 3 seconds, enter 2131 wait 3 seconds, enter 23123.
This is how it should work.

So please don’t tell me such thing doesn’t exists, here on other phones:
iOS Android

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That does not make it part of any standard, nor a bug report.

what? Then why iOS and Android, BlackBerry, WindowsPhone, and older phones does support it? Please explain this.

Because it is a feature they have?

and suddenly all companies, that compete with each other, made this decision?

Please can some Admin change this thread from bug report to feature request? Imho the feature request is very appropriate.