Dropbox account signs out after a while


I have problem with automatic backup feature with dropbox account. Account still signs out after a while (a day or so) so any attempt to to auto backup fails. Once I get into Backup settings banner “Dropbox account still needs to be updated” (free translation) appears and dropbox entry shows red “Can’t connect with cloud service”. When I go to dropbox account settings, I have to accept permission to access dropbox data with SailfishOS or re-login to service.

Any advice how to deal with it? Tried to delete and recreate account but nothing changed.


This behaviour had been around for a few releases and quite a while now. There is no fix as far as I know, and no published timescale for one either.

Did anyone report it somewhere? I couldn’t find it on the forum.

Yes, Impossible to login to Dropbox or OneDrive

I do not have problem logging to DB account, more, manual backup to DB account succeeds rigth after re-loggin/re-accepting permissions.
So I would treat this separately.

The issue is that you can, often, log into a dropbox account and then use it for whatever you want (including automatic backups to it) for a while until Sailfish logs you out. This is usually after a few days. After you have been logged out the automatic backup obviously then fails. You can log in again to dropbox and start the whole cycle over again until it again logs you out a further time. You can keep going like this forever if you want, but dropbox will never stay logged in for any length of time. This was covered further down the bug report post I linked to above, and Jolla in the person of @flypig, is aware of the issue.

Thanks for explaining the situation @Steve_Everett. Just to confirm we do have an internal issue for this, but as yet no implementation to fix it.

I’ve moved this into the “Bug Report” section and tagged it as “tracked” (there is no “tracked” tag in the General section). If there’s any news on progress I’ll post it back here.

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