DPI change in settings

I’d really like to see a change of DPI / screensize in the settings menu. Things are so big on FullHD+, it is rediculous. The text size in setting can be changed to even bigger but not smaller. It would just be one line of code I guess. This DPI setting (1.75 on X10plus) makes the phone and webpages extremly hard to use and is not up to date any more.


Scale ratio is also used to pick the right icon package. If we deployed more icon package size variants on the device this would definitely be possible (or even better render correct size icons from scalable assets on the fly).

The text size in setting can be changed to even bigger but not smaller

The implementation to support smaller text (different layout issues arise) is unfortunately different, thus initially the text size setting was limited to only increasing options.

You can already set text size smaller from the command line, but there are layouts where this does not lead to seeing more text or more items like expected (also there can be plain breakages):

dconf write /desktop/jolla/theme/font/sizeMultiplier 0.8
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Thx for your answer, that is the current way I made fonts smaller.
An easy setting for dpi to small/medium/large would be a topic for upcoming irc meetings from my side if I have the time. Unfortunately they collide with my working time.

Quick question;

I did your dconf command, it works as expected, but I note that the settings in Display (normal, large, huge) now don’t function, even after restarting the device/lipstick.

Do I need to reset the dconf key to resume the normal function of font size Display in Settings?

All my icons disappeared when changing the pixel density. Even setting it back to 1.75 they were gone. Only a reset did it.

Yes sorry forgot to mention that, yes you need to reset the sizeMultiplier override to get the normal setting back:

dconf reset /desktop/jolla/theme/font/sizeMultiplier
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Cool, thanks @jpetrell