Downloads on Aliendalvik failing


on my XA2 with the current I can not Download things in Aliendalvik apps (APK-Pure, Aurora Store or Firefox). All Downloads stall after several kb being downloaded. Has anybody experienced this issue? Strangly downloading from f-droid works. Also downloading maps in osmand works.

Thanks & Regards

Still experiencing this problem on one of my XA2s, can’t imagine that I am the only one…

Could this be related?

I am now experiencing the same on my 10 plus. But there are no vmdl*.tmp files in said /data/app directory. (neither on the 10+ nor on the XA2)

It was not the problem, but a hint from the comments fixed it for me. The user for android_storage was nemo:usersafter the update (for whatever reasons) changing it to media_rw:media_rw resolved the issue. thx…