Downloading Runtimes for Flatpak

I know about the terminal commands to download and install runtimes that are used with Flatpaks. My data connection is not fast sometimes, though. Has anyone downloaded to desktop and then transferred these runtimes to the phone and then installed by terminal?

These files are large. They seem to be going to the System side of storage. If this is so, how can I divert the installation to the user side?

My attempt at downloading made the “disk” run out of space, there were only partial files that completed of:

there was a partial file warning and an install failure error. Are there residual files that need to be purged or does the OS take care of the cleanup of a failed install? (I’m still learning about Linux type OSes).

My goal is to run another browser like Angelfish that is asking for the runtime. The built in Sailfish browser is not supporting some of the important sites I need to visit.

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This thread says “flatpak has two installations by default, a system one (in /var/lib/flatpak) and a per-user one (in ~/.local/share/flatpak). If you want apps installed in your home directory, use the --user option when you install things”

The same is also here

Interesting to know if it works this way also in Sailfish.


Yes, user and system work on SFOS as well. Please use --user and follow docs at


Ok. Thanks. I’ll follow those instructions.

Regarding downloading runtimes on desktop and transferring to the phone. Yes, I have done that. Downloads were failing on phone for some reason.