Download older version of SailfishOS

uploaded recovery from to

Thanks a lot. I will try it out tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I need firmware for flashing for F5121 (xperia x) for Can someone provide?

You might care to mark this request as resolved now. :wink:

Does anyone have the flashing files for Xperia 10 iii build

A friend of mine have a strange issue with a Xperia 10 iii where it’ll not charge while in kernel. My device originally flashed with does not suffer from this issue which is why I need that build.

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take a look here:


There is nothing. (20 chars)

Great!!! Thank you, I’ll use to see if a wlan problem can be solved by downgrading (think not)
EDIT: After flashed 4.4 device asked for the passcode, like it’s already set.
Downgrade is not possible then? :o

Normally, it is possible.
Did you enter the password and boot?
What version is it, finally? (in settings, about)

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Yeah actually it’s working, I am currently on without issues. :smiley: I have no prlblem with my router now, all working fine. I really hope Jolla fixes this clear regression with wifi on 10 i4113. I have to stay with this version until a fix comes

I need to downgrade a F5121 from 4.4.x to 2.1.x or 2.2.x. @BlacksheepGER 's links in the GitHub repo no longer have any seeders. Are these still actively available?

If like me, you only need the sources, they are available elsewhere:

No seeders on those torrents, can’t download anything ;/

Anyone got 3.1.0 or 3.0.1 ?
XA2 dual SIM (H4113, H4133)

I was thinking about this… of course I can’t go back in time, but I have plenty of online storage and could probably hack some script that would check for new versions and download them to a public folder.

But how is the legality of it?

Also, is it possible to get at the images without logging in first, or log in programmatically, some API maybe?

If the complete image for each device/version is too much, would it make sense to keep only the hybris-*.img files for each?

If no-one else has what you want, I have Sailfish_OS-Jolla-, which is for the XA2 Plus

Maybe just ask that on a CommunityMeeting? Should be an easy question to answer.

Well, these are public images, offered to anybody who wants them. I cannot see how any (commercial) harm is inflicted to Jolla by caching them unaltered.

Also, is it possible to get at the images without logging in first, …

Yes, there is only one kind of images, the (public) “trial” ones are identical to the ones offered when one is logged in.

… with “No”, but not naming a reason.
Come on, we all know that Jolla wants us to beta-test their products, originally SFOS, nowadays primarily AlienDalvik. They repeatedly stated that they will never offer older SFOS versions for download, because we all should always be using the most recent one. If one does not, one evaded the typical SFOS-user role as a beta-tester, which detrimental for Jolla’s product development.

Hence I would not ask, just do. If Jolla really sees a legal issue, they can always name it. But without having a specific issue pinpointed by them, one is free to assume there is none.

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I would love to be able to find somewhere SFOS for Nexus 4, which I still can’t force myself to throw away due to it being in pristine condition. Sadly, all links I could find were very old and broken. Does anyone happen to still have the Nexus 4 image and could share it?