Download older version of SailfishOS

Due to few important bugs in latest version I would like to flash back to previous release. Where would I find a link to download older versions?

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I moved this from “Site Feedback” to “Devices” category. Not a perfect fit, but better than the original one.

Can you be a bit more specific as for which device and Sailfish OS version you are looking for? rokua for JC, XperiaX for me please

Welcome to the forum. Firstly for Jolla C you would need to look at although think that only has available for older firmware.
Secondly for XperiaX sorry for being pedantic but need to give whether F5121 or F5122 device

Hi, please most mature 3.3 version for Sony Xperia XA2, dual SIM (H4113, H4133) thank you very much.

Thanks! XperiaX F5121

Officially there is no chance to get an older release of a SFOS flashable image whenever a new release has been rolled out.

I asked this on zendesk and the official neglecting answer from Jolla was that only the latest release is downloadable.
(what I personally do not understand but…)

So keep your hard disks space free to download current image you like before a new one comes out. Hereby consuming unnecessarily bandwidth and disk space and power/energy not healthy for the planet. (okay, maybe worthless to express in times of streaming series and so on :wink: )


I have some versions of SFOS on my drive at home, only Xperia X, single SIM (F5121)

I remember there was a thread on TJC about old versions.

Adrian, hi!

Many thanks! I downloaded.

I have zip-files for v.,, OTA-updates sequence is: -> ->, but v. is …

Best wishes!

Isn’t it the case that for Sailfish X devices, one would need the installed version of the flash images in order to boot the recovery partition using fastboot?

Is one expected to keep the flash files “forever” available?


Does someone have a flashable image for Xperia 10 Plus dualSIM (I4213) by any chance?
I’m trying to work around the bug I reported here: [] Signature spoofing doesn't work on a freshly flashed xperia 10 plus


hello emva, could you send me a version of the sailfish os ? I am also loooking for one.

Could you be a little more specific as to exact Xperia device and flashable image sought after?

If someone has Sailfish 3.3 for Sony Xperia 10, dual SIM (i4113) I would greatly appreciate a copy. :smiley:

I am trying to solve this: [] Signature spoofing doesn't work on a freshly flashed xperia 10 plus

Sorry can’t help you personally as only have i3113 single SIM image and hope someone else can step in.


Did you get your hands on 3.3 for the Xperia 10 dual SIM?
I also need it as I have the spoofing issue.

Best regards,


Hi, I need Sailfish for Xperia XA2 single sim (h3113) and Sailfish for Xperia XA2 Plus dual sim (h4413)

Hi. I have Sailfish for i4113. How can I send them to you?

Suggest use a file hosting site of which is just one example and send a link by Personal Message to recipient.