DoesNemo.Configuration 1.0 ConfigurationGroup {}

actually save to .config/dconf/user ? I just stumbled over something (updating imports) and thought, eh, where does this serialize to?!

Yes, it does. If you run grep --text on it, you’ll find your stuff.

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It does work, BUT some data types (unusual ones) will not map correctly or not at all.

See the source code for such corner cases.

Also I find sometimes you have to use the get and set methods (value(…), getValue(…)) rather than plain QML properties and bindings to get reliable results.


I was just wondering how that all fits together with the sailjail model. It’s a single file shared by any app that uses Nemo.Configuration.

Sigh. I tried dconf dump /apps/app.qml/musicex/ as an example but that doesn’t work. Neither does read. But the values are in the user dconf file. hmmm.

IIRC they get stored correctly, but converted wrongly on retrieval.
I gave up on using it.

I tend to steer away from configuration backends since I prefer using sql(lite) but it’s very handy to have a declarative mechanism … I wish it had a plug-able backend :slight_smile: But, I suppose it’s just time to write my own qml types that uses sql as a backend. Maybe someone has?

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Right tool for the job thing I guess.

For simple stuff, like storing some setting/config bools or ints it’s perfectly fine and simple to use.

As a generic storage backend for ‘random’ data not so much.

And it’s insecure - AFAICS any app that can guess the right paths can access any other apps values.

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