Does salfish have a payment app?


sorry if this question was asked before but i didn’t find it in the forum.

I saw on a screenshot of a payment app (see the attached image), but I never saw anything like this in SFOS apps (jolla store or openrepos). did I miss something?

I’d be really interested by that!


They once collaborated with Zippie which was founded or lead by the brother of Sami Piennimaki if i remember it right. But this was more a reward program then a payment system. But if you go to their website now, it got quite chinese. So i think they ditched this plans…

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I asked about the same specific image a few months ago, I didn’t get an official reply, but it seems it’s just a mockup of what could be done in the OS. No public payment app exists so far to my knowledge.


How about Zaster banker!?

This is just a marketing material, not a real thing and never was.
This is not an uncommon thing actually: designing a single interface that demonstrates the possibilities of something is one thing, but actually delivering it is another.
Sadly there isn’t any 1st party solution for mobile payment, the only solution is Android compatibility and finding an app that lets you pay with NFC. (I don’t know if NFC would work with Android apps this way tho I never tried it so good luck sailing on undiscovered seas!)

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Ubuntu Touch had a bunch of mockups back then when Canonical cared about it. Even the first OS images was just a bunch of fake apps lol.