Does anyone have a backup of the original TOH-ambiences from Sailfish 1.0?

if anyone here has backups of the original ambiences from the TOHs for the jolla1 please dm me…

afaik these ambiences/TOHs are:

  • The First One
  • Snow White
  • Poppy Red
  • Keira Black
  • Aloe
  • Nadeshiko Pink
  • Lime
  • Angry Birds Stella

the standard ambiences that came with the phone are welcome too (but i dont remember them well enough for listing them)

thanks :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I wonder whether using NFC to read the old ToH covers will install them on a current device? :smiley:

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Some original “long” SFOS 1.x ambiences are linked to over here:

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Where should we extract those ambiences in order to use them?

not all, but most


no, it doesn’t

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packaged ambience should be installed in /usr/share/ambience/*

After placing the packages in the right directory, you may find they don’t show up in the Top Menu immediately, for this, a nudge is often required;

systemctl --user restart ambienced

Yes!, there is a letter D on the end of ‘ambienced’

Obviously, if you install from RPM package, you can ignore the above.

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If you were to install tohd on it, perhaps!

No, seemingly not.

Original TOH also had a tab on the inside, this is part of the TOH activation. The NFC app from Slava was the only app I could find that may have given a clue. But why bother anyway?, the TOH really only gave us an ambience, some of which were unusable due to poor color schemes making the clock/date almost unreadable.

so that has the stock stuff covered! thanks :slight_smile:
and damn, i totally forgot they changed the snow-white ambience early on

thank you! the leaves only 3 (Nadeshiko Pink, Lime, Angry Birds Stella) ambiences missing

hey edz, good to see you still lurking :slight_smile:

Full time lurker for now. Trapped indoors, a big vegetation fire has been burning for weeks, air outside is not breathable, so I’ve been on here more than usual :wink: